John & Elizabeth

John ‎& Elizabeth // Davidson, NC.

On the weekends you’ll find them drinking craft beers at new breweries or jammin’ out at a show (probably John’s band (Knowne Ghost) or Alvvways).

We started our shoot with coffee - naturally. You can’t have a shoot in Davidson without stopping by the town’s favorite coffee shop, Summit! John and Elizabeth snuggled up in the coveted “cozy corner” and fueled up. 

After we caffeinated ourselves, we frolicked all around Davidson’s college campus. There were giggles and dancing and LOTS of kissing. 

BLESS these two for literally running with me to the beautiful pink trees and fading sunshine. I was so excited to see these trees when I was visiting N.C. I actually cried a few tears when I saw the trees blooming because it took so long for Spring to reach Boston! 

These beautiful people are obsessed with each other. Their love for one another is inspiring, tangible and so dang beautiful. 

J & E, I had the best time capturing your story. Never stop looking at each other that way. 

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