Hank & Victoria

Hank & Victoria // Cornelius, NC

Something I will never ask your kids to do - SAY CHEESE.

There is nothing wrong with -traditional- portraits… but there is something to be said about allowing people to show up as they truly are. I say, LET THEM BE LITTLE. You want to remember your kiddos joyfully running around, exploring, and learning - not stiffly posing for a once yearly photo.

Ive heard people say that photographing children is like photographing animals - they won’t sit still and they’re hard to capture. I won’t argue that - but to me, this is one of the most rewarding parts of taking photos of kiddos. They are wild balls of energy who are almost unaware of the camera. 

Kids are a unique breed. They haven’t quite figured out how to control their emotions. Although this can make things difficult sometimes, it can also be beautiful. I find so much joy in photographing little ones because they are a small reflection of us -big kids-. 

Hank and Victoria are the sweetest siblings. We literally ran all over the park and through the woods together. Hank played with sticks and tiny pinecones. Victoria picked me some fragrant pink flowers. We had to make a few pit stops at the playground, of course! 

As you can tell by the last photo, Hank mean-mugged his way to the end of the shoot… I cant even handle those eyes! 

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