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One year of marriage!


We celebrated one whole year of marriage on Saturday (07/07/18). 

We enjoyed a simple day together:

-picked up fresh fruits, veggies, & delicious local cider (Far From the Tree - Our favorite flavor is the strawberry basil!) from the farmer’s market.

-made the trek out to IKEA (3 days in a row) to pick out some furniture! Up until this point, all of our furniture has been passed down from our parents so this was a big step for us!

-drove up to Rye, New Hampshire for a photoshoot with some family that we love dearly. We ended up spending the evening at a gorgeous beach house with the family, popping champagne & enjoying each other’s company. 

It was lovely.


Our engagement / marriage happened so quickly because Q planned to go to Graduate school the Fall after I graduated from undergrad. I spent my last semester pounding 22 semester hours, planning a wedding (with the help of my mom & SUPER ORGANIZED mother-in-law ;) ), and trying to mentally prepare to move from NC to MA at the end of the summer. 

 We got married 7-7-17 at a gorgeous venue (the arbors) & packed up to move to Boston one month later. It’s been a crazy year. It’s been a HARD year. 

Q & I have been together since 2011 (?!) but we are still learning so much about each other. 

We are learning the quirks.

We are learning the flaws.

We are learning the beauties.

We are learning the routines.

We are learning how to lean on one another.

We are learning, learning, learning. 


Quentin Berry, 

Thank you for standing by my side. 

I love you endlessly. 

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