Jake & Emily

Jake & Emily // Cornelius, NC

If you know Jake, you love him. Luckily, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him his entire life. (Thanks, mom - for having him… ;) ) He is one of the kindest & most giving humans you will ever meet. He will brighten your day with his silly jokes & crooked smile. His dance moves are like nothing you’ve seen before… 

One day, he tells our family that he has a girlfriend (FINALLY!!!). But here’s the kicker - he met her online. Not just online - but in a video game (S/O Overwatch). Our first instinct told us that he was being catfished. This girl lived in Canada … and they had never met in person before. 

A few months into this interesting situation, Jake decides that he’s going to fly from North Carolina to Vancouver to visit his so-called “girlfriend”. He booked the AirBnB & was off. By this point, we were ~pretty~ sure that Emily was who she said she was. Ha! You can never be too careful?! 

The rest is history. 

Emily & Jake have been together for a little over a year now. Emily & I finally crossed paths in North Carolina. 

Jake is one of those annoyingly sugary happy-go-lucky guys (most of the time)… but I have never in my life seen my brother so dang happy. 



Your kindness radiates. You make everyone around you feel known and loved. You fit so seamlessly into our family and we are blessed to have you as a part of our lives. Thank you for being such a light in my brother’s life. He loves you so dearly. 


While Emily was in town, we decided to head over to Jetton Park and have a fun shoot. Jake & Emily were so effortlessly comfortable with one another - my job was easy. The two goobers danced to bubble butt, splashed around in the warm lake water while onlookers giggled, & played so hard. 

These two share so much genuine love!



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