Holly & Ian

Holly & Ian // Chattanooga, TN

Holly is a long-time bestie of mine. I drove the 5 hours from Mooresville, North Carolina to Chattanooga, TN.  We spent the trip catching up over margaritas, coffee, matcha, & wine. (We love us some beverages ;) ) 

^Matcha @ Wildflower Tea Shop in Chattanooga - a highlight of the trip! 

On the last day I was in town, we decided to take 20 minutes out of the morning to shoot some fun photos with her boo-thang, Ian! 

Coffee + dancing + Snuggling… all the necessities. I loved shooting this intimate in-home session with Holly & Ian. It’s so fun to photograph long-time couples! They’re so comfortable with one another & aren’t afraid to get close. 

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