5 reasons you need to get your senior photos taken

Class of 2019 Seniors,

Your last fall semester is upon us! Eek - so exciting. There is something so special about this time in your life. Whether you’re graduating from high school or finishing up your college career, big changes are coming. 

What do we do in times of transition? We document. We celebrate. We freak out a little bit (in a good way!)

Graduating high school or college is such a huge feat. CONGRATS!  Let’s celebrate with a little photo session. 

5 Reasons You Need to Get Your Senior Photos Taken:

1. Photographs help you remember!

One of the main reasons we take photographs is to reminisce. Graduating is a big deal & it’s worth remembering this time in your life. What is it that Bueller says? … “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” You want to remember this time - the good, the bad, the ugly. These photos will be a small representation of what your senior year was to you.
2. Announcements, helllooo grad parties & gifts ;) 

Let’s be honest, mom loves to post pics of her kids on Facebook. Grandma & Aunt Sally love stalking mom’s page for precious snaps. Guess what?! Your parents are going to want to share the love with the whole family & all of their family friends in the form of grad announcements. Share your excitement with loved ones & help your parents plan your grad party! Grad parties = fun & yummy food & gifts. ;) 
3. Mom & Dad

Your parents have seen you through so much in your school career. It’s finally time for you to move on & spread your wings. You better believe they’ll be sad to see you go - either off to college or off to live your dreams in the “real world”. Give them this sweet gift - beautiful images of you that will last a lifetime.
4.  A chance to express yourself!

Let’s be honest. Most of us aren’t looking our best in our yearbook photos. There’s bright lights flashing in your face, the school photographer doesn’t really care if you just sneezed, Oh yeah.. & you forgot that senior pictures were on the first day of school. Perfect. When you book your senior photo session, you have the opportunity to express yourself. You can dress in your favorite outfit, choose a location that you love, & be sure that the photographer that you choose will help you bring out your very best. 
5. Social media celebration

We live in the age of social media celebration. You got a dog? You post it on Instagram. You just got married? You post a status on Facebook. You got a new job? Better update your far-away friends on all social media accounts STAT. When you book your senior session, you get access to high quality images of you looking your very best - perfect for social media! 

Boston area seniors,

Whether you’re graduating from Bentley, Brandeis, Waltham High school, or Newton South,

I’m your girl! I’m here to serve all of your photography needs. Let’s chat. Send me a message through my contact page & I will send you my Client Welcome Guide. This will include pricing & what I offer for seniors. 

For now, enjoy these photos of high school senior, Payton! We had lots of fun. 

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