5 Locations for Graduation Photos around Boston

First things first… enjoy some graduation photos of Joey!

Location, Location, Location…

Does it really matter when you’re scheduling your Graduation portraits?! The answer is … yes & no. 

I have made some of my favorite photographs in the most unsuspecting places - a bank parking lot with a smattering of greenery, a corner of a room filled with beautiful dancing light, & even my own home. 

Really, you + me + my camera = magic. That’s because you’re uniquely & beautifully you. I’m just along to capture it! 

That being said… I’ll give you a few ideas for Senior Portrait locations around the Boston / Waltham area! 

1. Arnold Arboretum

2. Boston Common

3. Waltham Fields Farm

4. Your college or HS campus (Brandeis, Bentley, Wellesley, etc!)

5. Your backyard. Ok… not literally! Did you play baseball all of your HS career? Let’s head to the field. Did you spend all of your time studying with friends at the local coffee shop? Let’s go sip some coffee. It’s amazing the difference your comfort will make on your photo shoot! :) 

Contact me to set up your Graduation Photography Session! 

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